Block Island Living
Beachfront Home Essentials to Bring With You

For most people, Block Island is a place they go for a short visit, be it a day trip or a few days’ stay ushered in via ferry. Vacationing in this gorgeous, peaceful slice of heaven off the Rhode Island coast is truly an experience in getting away from it all. For them, the list of items they should bring along is limited as they don’t need to rely on all of the easily accessible amenities they may have on hand on the mainland. After all, the whole point is to avoid the crush of modern life and simplify. Everything they may need for their time at the beach is readily available. Think suntan lotion, towels, hats, bathing suits. The island’s shopping caters to all that and more.


But for those living in this delightful corner of the world year-round, other considerations come into play. There are some things that people need and want that will not be easily attainable by a drive to a mall or retail outlet center. Folks here are rewarded by incredibly peaceful off seasons when they can feel constant decompression and have the natural beauty of the area all to themselves. But that is made possible via being separate from the mainland. And so, it’s prudent to consider some things you will need to pack up on the mainland before getting here — and some things you will need to arrange to have sent over. Don’t think for a moment there aren’t great services here. The tight-knit community goes a long way to making sure everyone on Block Island is taken care of. But since the lion’s share of the commerce services summer visitors, planning to bring some stuff over from the mainland will make the transition here far smoother.


There is one seasonal movie theater on Block Island, but no all-year-round ones. So, investing in a good home theater won’t only keep you and your family happy, but it can be great for entertaining guests! Everything from a television to a sound system and any gaming or streaming equipment you may need will be coming from the mainland. You can have it delivered, but setting up your home theater will mean doing measurements and perhaps consulting with a contractor, so be sure to have everything lined up before you purchase. Also, be sure that whatever devices you need upfront — smartphones, tablets, computers, health monitoring devices, etc. — are packed with you upon your move in good working order. Of course, you can have anything shipped here, but delays can happen, so arriving prepared and having backups is prudent.


Deck Chairs

Right off the bat, it’s important to know that there aren’t many furniture stores on the island. Which makes sense, it’s a small place and very exclusive, just the way you want it. The good news is that there are plenty of mainland furniture stores within a short drive of the ferry that are all set up for deliveries to Block Island. If there are any particular pieces you simply do not want to part with, hire some movers to bring them over. But the outlets servicing the island will be able to consult with you for what furniture makes the most sense in your new island home.

Health Care


There are no pharmacies located on Block Island, so it can sometimes take time to get those prescriptions filled. Daily deliveries from the mainland ensure you can usually get what you need, however if any item you require is not common or could be delayed due to approvals, you will want to be prepared. Bring along any supply you may need to keep you going your first few weeks. Keep in mind: Weather conditions can cause delays, so always be thinking ahead to fill those prescriptions.


If you need summer gear, Block Island has you covered! For every other time of the year, you will want to bring your own wardrobe. Winters in this part of the world are cold, so be sure to have decent jackets, sweaters, caps and gloves. Fall and spring bring showers that you will definitely want rain-gear for.